Two-year-olds​ have it made.

This weekend I got to go to work.

Not the normal Monday – Friday 9-5 gig where I usually get paid to think, negotiate, socialize and challenge myself. No, this one was different. I was the backup to the backup. As in, our parents were out-of-town. This job was free of charge and I had a start time of 10am both days. I got to change diapers. Negotiate with a strong-willed two-year-old (talking to a brick wall may have been easier), rock a precious baby to sleep, eat lots of snacks, and hang out with the family. Sometimes, we call this forced family fun.


There is a baby under that blanket

So, let’s get to the point. This weekend, I clocked in as Aunt Katie.  I’m teaching my two-year-old niece how to swim, there was a lot of singing “push the water, push the water, kick your legs, kick your legs” and then ten minutes into it, it’s time to change adventures.

And, then, I realized. Two-year-olds have it made. 12508811_10153810110185102_2500701156071950727_n.jpg

They can throw a temper tantrum because they want their mom.

I would love to do that once in a while. Hey, Mom, come on over here and hold me, feed me or sing to me. Just.Hold.Me.

Two-year-olds have the attention span of a fish.

As in they are always moving, thinking, exploring, and are ready to start the next adventure. As an adult your friends and family may start to wonder what’s going on upstairs if you did that.

Two-year-olds tell it how it is.

They don’t sugar coat anything, they don’t relish in anything but giggling and having fun. This two-year-old does at least. That’s my girl.


Sleep is imperative in their world.

I can relate. My favorite safe place is my bed. But, I can’t throw myself on the floor and cry because I want a nap. Although, that’s how I feel when I’m exhausted. Then again, who doesn’t?

Don’t let a small child get hungry.

You will unleash a monster you didn’t even know existed. For about three minutes. Then as soon as they have some food in their belly, everything will return to normal. All the things I wish I could do as an adult. Have a temper tantrum because I’m tired, hungry, or miss my mom? That sounds legit to me.

So this weekend, I learned a few things.

First of all Grandma’s are crucial. The glue if you will. I usually just give the babies to her when it’s time for a diaper change or someone is having a meltdown.


Sisters are important.

They get to become the backup to the backup and hang out together all weekend long. And, then go home and get a good nights rest, perhaps sleep in past 6:08am and then come back and kick it all day. Grateful they’re your babies. And, Aunts can just play with them. You got to do all the work, and we get the rewards. In small increments. It’s wonderful.

And, the last thing I learned was…oh, to be two again.