Choose DCYF over Stay, Work, Play

Letter: Choose DCYF over Stay, Work, Play

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Choose DCYF over Stay, Work, Play
Dear Gov. Chris Sununu: After reading the very well-written first three parts in a four-part series published by the Monitor regarding the DCYF crisis – lack of funding and leadership, overworked employees and a number of dead children in the state – I ask that you reconsider your budget to fund Stay, Work, Play and reallocate the money to DCYF.

This is a sensitive subject and I understand that we are also in an aging crisis as the second oldest state in the nation, but I think the safety of our children is more important than asking a bunch of kids to stay in New Hampshire. I’d prefer that they get life and work experience and come back when they can contribute to our economy.

Kate Putnam