Putnam Marketing: Real Time Marketing

We’re going back to school and you’re going to join us! We got into school and we’re learning the basics. Our first class is Intro to Marketing. Lesson one. Real time marketing. Harvard University Style. We’re going to give you a short rundown on how to create great content and engage your audience. 
We’d highly recommend online courses to anyone thinking of attending or going back to school. It’s so much easier when you can pause the lecture and take notes. Then rewatch it before a quiz. If you don’t get a perfect score then…that’s definitely something you can change.
Step one in Marketing.
The base of Marketing is the consumer. Obviously. There are different ways that you can touch your consumer and that starts with things like real time marketing.
It’s as simple as it sounds. When you create a marketing plan in advance you are executing it on a fixed schedule. Real time marketing is creating a strategy focused on current, relevant trends and immediate feedback from customers.
The case study we studied was about Oreo cookies.
First of all, who doesn’t love Oreo cookies? It was as they say, a slam dunk. A quick preview. The power went out in the Superdome during a game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens. Oreo jumped on the chance to make a splash. They Tweeted:
And, the crowd went nuts. We’re still talking about it four years later and professors are teaching it as the number one Marketing ideology.
The point is; to be on top of your game.
Be prepared. Have all of your ducks in a row. Know your consumer. Know the context of the event. While you are building your brand stick to the basics. Position your brand. Stay neutral. Real time marketing means you have a grip on your market. 
These simple tips will help you stay on top of the competition and ahead of the game. Think outside the box. Think in ways that other people don’t. 

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