Today’s Wonderful WCC Woman is Kate Putnam

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WONDERFUL WCC WOMAN is all about the amazing women that are members of the Woman’s Club of Concord…

We interviewed Kate Putnam as the Wonderful Woman of WCC and this is what she said.

I’m honored to be chosen as the Wonderful Woman this week and think that my life story is fun to tell because I have been very fortunate to travel and explore. I was raised in Contoocook with my parents, brother, and sister and went to Hopkinton High School. I played soccer, softball, ran track and ski raced. After high school, I went to UNH and studied Business Administration and rowed on the Women’s Crew team. I was fortunate to go to London for a study abroad program. The importance of being in London was that it was two weeks after I arrived that the terrorist attacks on September 11th happened and I learned very quickly that I was very far away from home. It was a scary time for America and us and we were not allowed to wear anything that labeled us as American’s. They cut off our bank accounts and we could not call home for three days if we did not have family in New York City so that the students who did could get in contact with their families.

After I graduated from UNH I moved to Breckenridge, Colorado with five of my girlfriends and continued to snowboard and play winter sports. I worked for a real estate developing company where I started as a secretary and grew with the company for the next ten years. I was the youngest female to win the Marketing Operational Support Staff Member National Award in 2007 and was on the Board of Directors for the Employee Assistance Fund. In April 2013, I won the Young Professional of the month.