Putnam Marketing – The importance of networking

We are growing at Putnam Marketing, and have learned that surrounding yourself with good people you create a better you.

You are creating a stronger network and a team of people who are inadvertently cheering for you. The hustlers that understand hard work. People in your life who know Johnny Smith would be a perfect match for what you or a colleague are looking for.

Putnam Marketing - Networking

Putnam Marketing and the importance of networking

Everyone has something to offer, if you listen.

It is when you tap into the introvert and the extroverted part of yourself you can become who you are supposed to be. You will then know how to read people and quickly identify their strengths and can in turn, strengthen your own team. Moving forward as a team at Putnam Marketing, we have leaned on many different resources and cherish our networks. This is where we find leads, prospects, and potential clients.


The saying it takes a village is a key saying. When you connect with people in a professional manner and have a well established network is an interracial part of our lives.  Referrals and advice from the people you love and trust are the best ways to move forward. If you were going to buy a new car, the most logical idea is to ask someone who owns that car that you trust. When you recommend a product you are establishing trust and the trust you build is undeniable. It is an efficient way to build rapport.

When you  are professionally building your network.

You can meet people that you wouldn’t usually meet, you can make connections that you wouldn’t usually have. LinkedIn is a wonderful resource for leads and studies prove that networking has become an essential aspect to job searching. Many jobs are not posted outside of the company so if you know someone who works inside the company that is crucial to learning how the company works.


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No matter where you look in your community, there are always organizations that could use a few extra hands. Think of big brother and sister programs, local homeless shelters, boards that can allocate money to the right places. The Rotary is a great way to connect with business leaders and get out into the community.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. 



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